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Dirt Separators

A dirt separator is a strong magnetic filter that removes metal particles and magnetite from the heating system, it stops the small metal particles blocking and damaging parts of the boiler, pump and any motorised valves. Studies and practical experience show that magnetite in particular, leads to greatly reduced energy efficiency and therefore higher energy costs. Ensuring quick and efficient dirt removal is essential. We fit Spirotech dirt separators which are industry leading products made out of brass these are strong un like its plastic competitors giving years of service and a 20yr lifetime guarantee. A dirt separator is supplied with all new boiler installations but can be fitted to exiting systems too, for more information give us a call or watch the video below


A Deaerator removes micro bubbles which are produced in a boiler when water is heated, these bubbles contain oxygen which are then released into the system and over time will cause corrosion, it has been studied and tested that if these micro bubbles are removed through a deaerator corrosion cannot take place and the correct PH level within the system water is maintained, manufacturers are now starting to realise this is a genuine solution to the corrosion problem rather than adding chemicals.

We now offer the Spirotech Deaerator with all boiler changes, they can also be fitted to a existing system call us for further information or see the video below.

  • Removes all circulating air and micro bubbles effectively
  • Removes trapped air when installed at the correct location
  • Greatly reduces the need for manual venting
  • No unnecessary shutdown
  • Stops internal corrosion